Citizens National Life Insurance Company ("CNLIC") has a unique Stipulated Premium Charter in the state of Texas.  The Company provides proven, consistent, and conservative management and leadership experience. 

CNLIC’s CCAP policies emphasize living benefits for policyowners as opposed to death benefits for beneficiaries. Although death benefits are provided, the policies' primary beneficial factor is the tax-deferred build-up of capital through guaranteed cash values, annuities, and interest. There is also a return of premiums paid, plus a death benefit if you die.  Then, beginning at retirement, the policies provide a guaranteed monthly lifetime income, several times the amount of the monthly premiums paid. The earnings can be received in single or joint life payments.

CNLIC products are principally designed to address the insured's concern about outliving his or her monthly income, while at the same time providing death benefits.  The primary purpose of our product portfolio is to help the insured create capital for needs such as retirement income, children's higher education funds, business opportunities, emergencies and health care needs.

The home offices of Citizens National are located in Austin, Texas, at the intersection of Interstate 35 on U.S. Highway 183.  Citizens National Life Insurance Company has been marketing life insurance products in Texas for over 47 years.