Citizens National Life Insurance Company ("CNLIC") is a Texas domiciled insurance company with a unique Stipulated Premium Charter.  CNLIC has been marketing life insurance products in Texas for over 47 years.  CNLIC provides proven, consistent, and conservative management and leadership with over 40 years of experience. 


  • Interest-Bearing Cash Value Accumulation
  • A No-Cost Annuity
  • Guaranteed Tax-Deferred Interest Earnings
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income at Retirement
  • Triple Accidental Death Benefits
  • Payments Waived in Event of Permanent Disability
  • Easy and Convenient Payment Methods
  • Financial Security For Your Loved Ones
  • Marketing Materials Available in English or Spanish
  • Customer Service Support Available in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Portuguese


CNLIC’s CCAP policies emphasize living benefits for policyowners as opposed to death benefits for beneficiaries. Although death benefits are provided, the policies' primary beneficial factor is the tax-deferred build-up of capital through guaranteed cash values, annuities, and interest. There is also a return of premiums paid, plus a death benefit if you die.  Then, beginning at retirement, the policies provide a guaranteed monthly lifetime income, several times the amount of the monthly premiums paid.*  The earnings can be received in single or joint life payments.

Another exciting feature of the Company's living-benefit policies is the owner can assign annual policy benefits, as well as other amounts, for potential gains, and then return the funds to the policies to obtain greater lifetime accruals under the settlement options.

It's no secret that failing to plan for a life expectancy that may extend well beyond 100 years could prove to be a very costly mistake.  In the U.S. at present, there are approximately 71,000 centenarians.  The U.S. Census Bureau predicts the over 100 age group will increase to more than 241,000 by the year 2020.

To obtain information about these products or sales opportunities with Citizens National Life Insurance Company, please contact the U.S.A. Marketing Department by e-mail:

* Tax and penalties could apply to withdrawals.  Please consult your tax professional prior to withdrawal.